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About Our Business

Carhart Kitchen & Bath is a full-service cabinetry company serving the Nebraska and South Dakota areas. Whether you need a small scale renovation or complete new home, we are committed to helping you create a home you will love loving in. 

We guarantee accurate proposals that fit your budget and projects that perform to plan. Both of which made us one of the most outstanding and trusted cabinetry retailers. 

We offer a full line of the industry's top cabinetry brands, along with a variety of countertop surfaces, cabinet hardware and Onyx shower/bath surrounds.

Your Kitchen, the center of your family. Your Bathroom, your personal oasis. Carhart Kitchen & Bath is where you will find the skill and support you need while embarking on one of the most exciting and rewarding projects you will ever do in your home.

Call us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in which we we'll work together to talk about your vision, budget and evaluate your needs. 

We carry a wide range of
the best products in the industry.

Carhart Lumber Celebrates 100 Years 

Carhart Lumber started in Wayne, NE in 1921 by brothers Charles E. Carhart and Arthur Benjamin Carhart. The company is still family owned and operated by Scott & Brenda Carhart, 4th generation owners. This year, Carhart Lumber is celebrating 100 years of business with each of their nine locations across Nebraska- Norfolk, Wayne, Hartington, Bloomfield, Tilden, Neligh, Burwell, O’Neill and North Platte and subdivisions Carhart Kitchen & Bath, Carhart Interior Designs and Carhart Insulation.

Carhart in Pierce is unique because it started as one of our very first lumberyards and has since, transitioned into the Carhart Kitchen & Bath home office.

In 1927 Charles & Benjamin Carhart purchased Schwerin Bros. Lumber at 102 S. 2nd St. (2nd & Main) in Pierce, Nebraska. J.H. Henrich was the manager of Schwerin and stayed with Carhart until Henry Berns took over in 1929.

100 year anniversary post.png

Carhart Lumber in Pierce saw many great managers throughout the years; all brought fresh ideas and expertise in the industry. Roy Christensen, Fred Trampe, brothers Lyle & Louis Herbolsheimer, Richard Hammer, Arthur Warneke, Rod Toelle, Corey Pospisil and BJ Koeppe, to name a few. Most of these managers transferred to different Carhart locations to share their knowledge and lead a new team into growth and prosperity. Roy Christensen started at Carhart Lumber in Pierce in 1939 until he was drafted by the United States Navy in WWII. He returned to manage Carhart Neligh until being promoted to General Manager of the company around 1954. Lyle Herbolsheimer was the Assistant Manager at Carhart Lumber in Pierce from 1951 until he took over as Manager of Carhart Lumber in Tilden in ‘58. His brother Louis stepped in when he left and then took over Carhart Lumber in Hartington in 1965. 

Carhart Lumber purchased Farmers Lumber Co. and its inventory at 123 E. Main Street in 1979 from Hap Malone, just diagonal from their location on 2nd & Main St. It wasn’t until 1986 before they decided to remodel the new store and move day to day operations to it's present day location.

In November 2008, storage facilities were sold to the Pierce Elevator and Carhart Lumber So. in Pierce was closed. 

It was only one year later when Scott & Brenda Carhart hired Mark Rohrich and his team and established Carhart Kitchen & Bath. 

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